Being a Glamper

A Primer for the Glamping Lifestyle

Hi there, fellow Glampers!

TJ here. Laura made the big jump and wrote the first posts… I thought I’d chime in with a quick follow-up.

Should you be interested in getting started on the path to Glampiness… (er… Glamperness? We’re working on that adjective form.), here are a few tips we’ve found to be key. Behold! A bulletized list:

Rule #1) Be honest about what you enjoy:

Okay, let’s be real. Most of us (I’m especially lookin’ at you, fellas) want to be the rough-necked, lumberjack-bearded, outdoor survival-types that we see on TV and occasionally in hipster neighborhoods. If that’s really who you are, then awesome! But just because hiking 20 miles with a full pack and a whiny toddler sounds like the next generation of “tough mudder,” it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it. Know what really is a show-stopper for you. Challenge yourself, and get outside your comfort zone, but don’t torture yourself. Geeze. Also, know what makes everyone else miserable. For the record, apparently Laura’s not keen on all-hot-dog-meal-planning. Wierdo.

Know what you love.  Swings should be at the top of your list.  Fact.

Know what you love. Swings should be at the top of your list.

Rule #2) Be honest about what you can do:         

This runs along similar lines as Rule #1. Part of our journey towards Airstream camping was the realization that we can’t camp in 100-degree weather, with toddlers, and dogs, and a pack tent, and still enjoy ourselves fully. Also, we had to be realistic about what kind of camping we could afford. Yes… the badass 32-foot land-yacht looks awesome, but it’s less awesome when you have to sell your children into bondage so you can afford it. You can Glamp without a camper/RV. You don’t need stuff, just the will to glamp

So... beautiful.  Should've sent... a poet... (

So… beautiful. Should’ve sent… a poet…

Rule #3) Don’t fear camping (glamping, really) outside the norm:

This was a tough one for me.   I was a Boy Scout. I was a country kid. I felt like one had to “rough it,” or it wouldn’t be a real camping experience. Well… all due respect to Scoutmaster Rob, that’s crap. Camping is about enjoying nature. Key word there is enjoy. Embrace the parts you like, ditch the ones you don’t.

Camp in comfort!  Cheers!

Camp in comfort! Cheers!

Rule #4) Don’t try and arm wrestle a grizzly.

Not only are they way bigger than you, they also often have chronic gambling problems. If he asks you to “make it interesting,” just say no.  ‘Nuff said.

Rule #5)  Go anywhere…

Okay… sounds simple.  And it is.  No, seriously.  You don’t have to go to Yellowstone, people… just get out and explore!  Laura and I are chronic planners, so this was tough for us.  Some of the nicest places we’ve visited have been the quiet, out-of-the-way towns and state/local parks.  We’ll get into specifics in later posts, but the results would surprise you!  Particularly if you have kids, it doesn’t take much to find a crowd-pleaser.  We’ve found that a nice spot to park, a nearby playground, and an available bottle of good wine (for the grown-ups) can go a long way towards a peaceful, contented outing.  Plans don’t need to be complicated, they just need to be fun.  And you’ll find fun in the most unexpected places… sometimes just around the block.

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures


Obviously, this is just  a start… but it’s our humble advice to get going on your life of glamping.  Get outside, go explore, and enjoy!  Cheers!


5 responses to A Primer for the Glamping Lifestyle

    • happyglampers – Author

      Hi, Nina! When began glamping when our youngest was about 18 months and we were worried about her rolling off the bed, etc. However everything was great (we used her sister as a bed bumper but you can also use one of those bed rails that fit under a child’s mattress. If it’s too hot, just go into the camper and pull out the toy box. There’s always a clean and bug free place to change diapers, and you can bring any kind of food you need to. We did tent camp with her when she was 6 months and that was more of a challenge, mostly because it was so hot you had to fan her in the pack n play to get her to sleep. But glamping, no issues. One of our favorite parts of camping with young children is taking a big old family nap in the afternoon, all piled willy-nilly on the big bed – lovely way to relax while glamping 🙂


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