Street Camping, or Celebrating Your Ability to Glamp Anywhere

Happy day of independancy glampers!


As America celebrates its freedom from tyranny and taxation without representation (sorry about that war thing, English Glampers… still friends, right?), TJ and I will be taking a moment to celebrate another Great American Dream: street camping.


One of the luxuries of having your own camper is that when you visit friends and family, you bring your own cottage with you. Camper visitors don’t use up your good “houseguest linens,” and can bring fresh steaks direct from cattle country as thank-you presents!  Works for everyone, no?


Our first street camping took place in a lovely neighborhood of suburban Minneapolis.  Now, just looking at our Airstream makes us smile, but frankly we were a little worried that the neighbors wouldn’t be thrilled to have a camper parked on their street for a few days.  We excitedly set up camp, but found ourselves anxiously glancing up and down the street–ready for mob of pitchfork-wielding neighbors coming to complain.  Suddenly, there they were–a couple of guys and a gaggle of kids out for a walk.  As they came over to us, TJ and I steeled our constitutions… inwardly planning where we would move, convinced the terms “hobo” and “property values” would be bandied about.


Then… they started talking, and smiling.


“Wow, is that an Airstream?” “I totally want to get one of those.” “What is the curb weight on that thing?” Oh the joy!  Turns out it was a novelty for the whole street.  We were so relieved.  We spent a lovely week with family and had a great time talking about Airstreams and glamping with the neighborhood, and haven’t worried about street camping since.

Our first street camping in suburban Minneaopolis

Our first street camping in suburban Minneapolis


Street camping is a great way to visit our friends and family throughout our glamping trips.  Just watch your water use (so you don’t have to scramble to find a dump station) and bring along an extra long outdoor extension cord.


Alleys can work too!

Alleys can work too!

We’ll be spending Independence Day street camping in the alley of our amazing friends this year (second year in a row)… sitting in comfort with the refection of fireworks gleaming off the aluminum.

Tell us, fellow glampers… Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever camped?  Comment below and share your stories–we’d love to hear them!

Happy 4th and happy glamping!


One response to Street Camping, or Celebrating Your Ability to Glamp Anywhere

  1. That is the greatest photo on the street in front of your pal’s place and isn’t it true- you don’t use the linens and have a place to escape for some solitude that is all your own! Great post!


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