DIY Outdoor solar Chandelier

DIY Outdoor Solar Chandelier

Dear glamper,


As we all know, glamping is not always about the gear, but then again, sometimes it really is.  That’s when you make an outdoor chandelier to hang at your campsite.

This is a very easy project that adds just that extra fancy-pants mojo that will make you smile every time you look at it.  This is how we made ours:

1. Find an old chandelier at a second-hand store.  You will probably want it to be on the light side for ease in hanging from accommodating trees and I wonder if you might want to consider how many dangly crystals it has that could come unattached from frequent handling or broken in transit, or lost.


Before becoming a solar outdoor chandelier


2. Rip out the electrical components.


removing electrical wires for outdoor chandelier


3.  Spray paint the chandler whatever color you desire.


Painting hardware for outdoor solar chandelier



4. Purchase outdoor solar LED garden lights (you can find them for about $1 each).  Take the lights apart and throw away the tube that goes into the ground.


solar LED lights for outdoor chandelier



5.  If you are into being really fancy, spray paint the tops of the LED lights (covering the solar panels of course).


Prepping lights for outdoor solar chandelier


6. Once the paint is dry, use a hot glue gun to fix the lights to the chandelier.


Adding solar LED lights to outdoor chandelier



7. Decide how you will hang it, we use a large carabiener and some handy 550 cord to hang our chandelier.


DIY outdoor chandelier and airstream



8. Admire your handiwork as the sun sets over your campsite while you sip a lovely red.


Do you have a favorite glamping DIY project? We’d love to hear all about it!


Happy glamping,


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