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My Camper, My Castle

Dear glampers,


One of the first things I always seem to do when we move into a new place is tack stuff on the walls and then make something that I feel is the absolutely THE THING I MUST HAVE TO LIVE HERE.  Our Airstream is no exception.

Here’s the thing about airstreamers, we all start off buying the same thing, but then it starts getting messed with, right away.  For me, that meant crafting.  So, just for funsies, here are some projects that have helped Honeysuckle Manor feel like an extension of our non-moving home (albeit a prettier, shinier, and smaller version).


1. Rag quilts:

Now, I’m not much of a details person, I like to get things done “efficiently”, so quilting is not my natural forte.  It is an art to be admired.  But we “needed” some not-too-heavy blankets for our first outings, and I needed something to do with the girls, enter the easy-peasy rag quilt.  This one is the kids’ quilt and there is an ivory themed quilt on the big bed.

Rag quilt completed Crafting project for Aistream Quilt

2.  Throw pillows:

When we bought HM, it came with no less than six throw pillows.  Being a guy, TJ was all, “why would you need that many pillows?”  “For lounging, silly.”  And of course, the factory fabric was not to my taste, so I made new covers.  And then I rethought that choice, and replaced some with more, let’s say original, throws.  Let me tell you, they all do really come in handy since we use the bed as an all-purpose family play/louge/nap area.  We find the variety of sizes allows for all sorts of leg propping, reclined reading, dog barricading, and fort making.

Airstream Sport with Crafts


Some of these may look a little interesting, but HM is just the perfect place for an old U2 concert t-shirt and a lovely flannel that accidentally went through the washer and would no longer fit any but a small orangutan.


3.  Cross-stitchery:

It’s an old-fashioned craft that can and has been taken to places where even Willy Wonka would get a toothache, but cross-stitching is an art I’ve loved since childhood, and I am very selective about patterns.  Then I found my guru.  Have you heard of What Delilah Did? She’s an amazing witty and contemporary artist, and LOVE her patterns.   They really seemed the perfect thing for HM.  You may get something like this for Christmas, family.  Be warned.


Whimsical cross stitch display


Ah crafts, without you I would be even less sane.

What are your favorite ways to make your glamper feel like home?   Are you all as in love with jackalopes as I am?


Happy glamping!


4 responses to My Camper, My Castle

  1. Michele Kirkman

    My camper is the place where I feel I can really be myself. Hence, Midwestern gal of a certain age becomes a Cowgirl! My camper has been totally westernized with brown saddle leather sofa, lots of turquoise, Framed vintage cowboy canning labels, wanted posters and cowgirl rodeo posters, I even have a covered wagon lamp. It is a long way from the ugly purple, mauve and blue interior it had when I bought it


  2. Hi I just left a comment on your facebook page too 🙂 It will take me a while but I have lots of plans for making the new trailer feel like home, some is more the remodeling sense, some more crafty. Besides the basics refinishing/updating, we also have plans for a magnetic chalk board wall, a custom headboard and some painted phrases. I also would like to make some crocheted blankets and make my own curtains 🙂 Who knows what else…


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