Airstream DIY curtians

It’s Going to Be Curtains for You, See

Sometimes my inner voice sounds like a gangster from a 1920s movie.  Okay, maybe a lot of the time.  And that brings me to curtains (er… coit-ins, see?).

When we bought HM it came with what I like to think of as the only cool venetian blinds I’ve ever seen.  They were all silver and shiny, just like the airstream.  “Well,” we said, “these will be great at blocking out light for nap-time.”  Oh, oh, how little did we realize cool shiny blinds are not magical and are not able to withstand children, dogs, or the occasional throw-pillow pillow fight.  Within a week the blinds look like any other blinds you’ve ever seen, scarred by bends despite all effort to straiten them, always hanging unevenly, and just *not* cool, plus, that whole light blocking thing, not as important as we thought.  I can nap in HM anytime, wink wink.


Enter basic sewing.  As I’ve admitted before, complicated sewing projects and I have yet to meet in a healthy way.  But straight lines, ok, I can work with that.  I found a linen blend fabric that matched the company installed wrap-around window curtain already in HM, and also picked a backing fabric of medium weight, nothing too stiff since the slim panels I was planning on would then become like fabric boards, not cute.  And we were off.


We hung the curtains on pressure mounted rods mounted inside the old blind fasteners, making them super easy to take off and wash when needed.





I made a new dividing curtain for the bedroom area out of the same fabric and lining, for funsies.


Aistream improvements curtians


Despite all his eye rolling at my explanations on why the curtains had to look “cute”, I think TJ finally agrees that the fabric curtains do soften up the inside of HM, and they do make it feel brighter inside when the curtains are open.   But I really think it’s ties made from “vintage” ribbon of my mother’s 60’s hippie skirt that really spiffs up the joint.


What kinds of little things did use to posh up your glamper?  We’d love to hear about how you roll.


Happy glamping,




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