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Bachelor Glamping: She took the kids and the dogs… Now it’s just me and the camper

“How on earth is this going to work?” I asked myself. We had just received the orders for our most recent military move, and it had presented us with one hell of a planning challenge. Military moves are always tough… de-conflicting all the checklists, appointments, and inspections is a little bit like solving a Rubik’s Cube in the dark.  Underwater.  While on fire.  Luckily, after half a dozen moves, Laura and I have a pretty good system.  This move, though… this move really gave us a run for our money. In short, we were going to have to be totally moved into one house before we could officially leave the old one, in different states, across the country.  Solution?  Glamping, of course!!

This moving challenge, while a raging pain in the butt, helped us broaden our glamping perspective.  Glamping doesn’t have to just be for leisure!  There’s a practical side, as well.  Essentially, you have a second (albeit slightly smaller but exponentially cuter) movable home!

Our little camper was the perfect solution.  I stayed behind in Honeysuckle Manor in Oklahoma while Laura and the girls headed to our new home in Illinois.  Simple, right?  Okay, so maybe not REALLY simple, but completely awesome nonetheless.  During my time practical-glamping (PractiGlamping?), I learned a thing or two… er… six.  Here are some of the golden nuggets I picked up:

  1.  Solo glamping is totally possible:  So it’s a little off the beaten path… all the best stuff usually is!  I was surprised by how easy Practical Bachelor Glamping (PractiBacheloramping?  Nope, that’s not it.)  could be.  It’s a little more challenging without the “teamwork” aspect, but easily overcome with a little diligence.  (More to follow on a future post about Solo Glamping)
  2. Double- and triple-check everything:  Again, you don’t have the teamwork and system of backups you usually have when camping with your glamp-buddy.  Be mentally prepared to assume all the roles.  If nothing else, it gave me a better appreciation for all the really amazing things she does when we camp together.  (No, seriously… really amazing)  Don’t forget to close that top vent!  Not that I would do that.  Heh heh.  Nope.  Not me.
  3. Sometimes you just have to ask for help:  You never know when you’re going to need that extra hand or an assist with backing up.  A reliable camp host or camp neighbor could be a life-saver!
  4. Know what you need:  When living out of your camper, even temporarily, you’ll be tempted to bring as much stuff as you can.  I had to remind myself, “If I can survive without it while camping, I can survive without it when living in my camper temporarily.”  Also, depending on your length of stay, you’ll want to think about a full hook-up site.  Know the limitations of your camper’s tanks, and be familiar with your usual rates of water consumption.  (A little easier to manage if you don’t have a four-year-old playing the “fill up the sink” game in the bathroom.)
  5. Don’t skimp on your favorites:  I’m not gonna lie… Bachelor Glamping (Blamping?  Yeah, that’s still not right.) can get a little lonely.  Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re well stocked on books and movies. If your usual Glamping-buddy has an aversion to, say, top-notch zombie cinema (::coughcoughLauracough::), now is a great time to catch up on those episodes of The Walking Dead.  Also, if you’re so inclined, a well-stocked glamping bar is a lovely addition.  Nothing says Bachelor Glamp like campfire martinis!
  6. Practical glamping is cost-effective!  (Hooray!):  If we didn’t have our camper, I would’ve had to stay in a hotel.  This gets expensive (especially if you’re talking about the weeks I was going to have to stay behind), and gets more difficult if you have a pet to care for.  Not only does practical-glamping save you hotel rates, but also the costs (both financial and gastronomical) of eating restaurant food for three meals a day.

More soon on my specific experience “runnin’ solo.”  In the meantime, stay cool, stay flexible, and try out PractiGlamping!  (Okay, maybe let’s not use that term though).




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