We’re Moving (the Blog)

Dear glampers,


We’ve been pretty quiet here in the last year or so, but life is not so quiet.  Since our move from Oklahoma to Illinois, we’ve been glamping a-plenty but have struggled to balance this blog with other endeavors of life.  But we miss you and this fabulous glamper community.  So we’ve decided to simplify: we are integrating this blog into our photography website.  Look for us at: https://happyglampersphotography.net/blog/


I’m sure you’ve picked up Laura’s obsession with taking photos.  Well, our little photography business is in its second year of operations and helps support our glamping habit.  We hope that sharing our silliness in one place will be fun for glampers and photo minded folks.  After all, glamping is a science and an art.


So come on over, and join us at our new address.  We love to hear from you and hope you all have some awesome glamp-cations planned for this year.



Laura & TJ


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