Happy Thanksgiving, glampers!

This time of year I spend a lot of time wiping tears from my eyes.  The crisp smell of the air alone will cause me to cry.  The girls think I’m crazy, and TJ always laughs a little as he pulls out a hanky for me, but I can’t help it, its all too wonderful!  And there is just so much to be thankful for.  TJ and I are avid avoiders of the whole Black Friday nonsense and the immediate jump into Christmas as you clear the plates from the Thanksgiving table, so glamping with the best of friends for a long weekend outdoors was the perfect alternative.  Last year we started what we hope to be a semi-regular tradition: Glampsgiving.

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Timothy Egan Worst Hard Time S C Gwynne books for reading when camping in texas and oklahoma

Glamper Lit: Texoma

Dear glampers,

I think we’ve purchased each of these books at least three times because I keep slipping them into people hands before they can say no and I know I’ve forcibly suggested them to many more.  Yes, these books are that good.  And, I’m going to say it, and it may sound a little preachy here, but they are books that are important to read.  Each one tells the human experiences of this area.  Experiences that are so influenced by natural forces that it’s almost as if the Earth could be described as a central figure.

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Palo Duro Canyon State Park Camping

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Do you ever get so tired of looking at the same walls day in and day out that you just pull out your camper and bring along every bell and whistle just so you feel like maybe you fulfilled the promise of that tiny house board you’ve been cultivating on Pinterest which you know will never really happen but at least you could feel like you live in a photoshoot at some romantic locale just for that one weekend?  (Because really, that is tiny! I mean, where do you store the waffle iron? But… but it’s so cute! and really… I am a minimalist, right? Right?)  Of course you do, you are a glamper!  And that’s just what we did at Palo Duro Canyon.

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I Like Ike

Greetings Glampers!

Before we turned the Labor Day corner into Autumn, Laura and I wanted to sneak in one last “Hotter ‘n 100 Degrees” Texoma summer season glamping experience.  Luckily, the weather gods were more than happy to oblige (104 degrees!  Yeesh!) as we discovered a new gem in Northern Texas: Eisenhower State Park.

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Pedernales Falls State Park TX

Texas: Pedernales Falls

It’s the height of summer in the southern plains and all you want to do is find some sort of water in which to wallow.  Just thinking about Pedernales Falls State Park makes it feel ten degrees cooler here.  And you have to see it!

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Dinosaur Valley State Park TX

Texas: Dinosaur Valley

Dear glamper,


Some places you just have to get to now because they won’t be around forever.  Places that you are amazed you can just walk into… because it just seems so special and a bit fragile.  And one of those places also has dinosaurs.

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Texas: Caprock Canyons

Dear fellow glamper,


I  must admit to you I was a bit hesitant about Texas when we first moved here.  As a “northerner” I had a set of ideas about what Texas is all about: oil rigs, ranches with a thousand head of cattle,  and short grass prairies stretching on and on just forever.  Now, like pretty much everything I thought of as an absolute in my 20s, all those preconceptions have been tossed aside, and I admit I was totally way off.  Texas is pretty awesome.  Like, really.  In particular, I have a crazy mad passion for the Texas State Park system.  I love the variety, the natural beauty, the campsites, just everything.  We bought an annual pass last year and have used it so much I am afraid each time I show it to a ranger that they will say, “now, ma’m, this pass is plum used up.”  The pass covers daily entrance fees, has a bunch of coupons for discounts on camp sites, and means you can fish in the parks for free. Love it.  Oh, and did I mention you can make your camping reservations on line?!  You can see site availability, and make sure you will have a parking pad large enough, or small enough, for your rig. So darn easy!


Caprock Canyon is one of the parks closest to us.  Driving through the flat panhandle and coming across this canyon system feels like tumbling into a different world.

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