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Greetings fellow Glampers!

As we bluster into the autumn season, Laura and I have found the falling leaves and chilly weather inspiring.  As the prime summer camping season winds down, it’s prime-time for an Airstream Improvement Project!  Camping trailers are the perfect outlet for the consummate DIYers.  Hmmm… now where to begin?

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Airstream DIY curtians

It’s Going to Be Curtains for You, See

Sometimes my inner voice sounds like a gangster from a 1920s movie.  Okay, maybe a lot of the time.  And that brings me to curtains (er… coit-ins, see?).

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Crafts for campers

My Camper, My Castle

Dear glampers,


One of the first things I always seem to do when we move into a new place is tack stuff on the walls and then make something that I feel is the absolutely THE THING I MUST HAVE TO LIVE HERE.  Our Airstream is no exception.

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Guest Post on Hearth and Homefront

Dear glampers,


Today we are guest posting on Hearth and Homefront, a blog by our dear dear friend Moira.  We make DIY photo ornaments, something that may be really fun to do with all your travels this year.  Hope you enjoy!


Happy glamping!


DIY Outdoor solar Chandelier

DIY Outdoor Solar Chandelier

Dear glamper,


As we all know, glamping is not always about the gear, but then again, sometimes it really is.  That’s when you make an outdoor chandelier to hang at your campsite.

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