Things My Daughters Taught Me About Life (While Camping)

Hello again, Glampers!

Not to take our little blog down an existential path, but I’ve recently come to a conclusion while glamping: the more Laura and I take our girls exploring outdoors, the more I realize they’re teaching us as much as we’re teaching them. Somehow, kids seem to come pre-wired for an occasional bout of shockingly zen-like wisdom.  It’s like they’re little Buddhas, except in addition to the secrets to a centered, tranquil life, they can also recite an unnatural amount of My Little Pony trivia.  In just a few years of Glamping, these pint-sized philosophers have unwittingly bestowed upon me dozens of surprisingly astute observations.  Here are the top seven things my daughters have taught me while camping… hopefully they’ll be helpful on your journey to Glamping adventure!

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Tips for traveling with kids

I Survived: A Parent’s Account of a Long Road Trip

Dear glampers,


I remember being absolutely terrified and adverse to drives over 30 minutes when our first child was born.  We were living in Tacoma, WA, and nothing could persuade us to travel to Portland, OR (an hour and a half away–and a city filled with books, flowers, and craft beer… our favorite things!).  But moving to southwest OK and becoming glampers has changed all of that.  What’s that? A two-hour drive to go fishing for an hour before we hit triple digit heat? Let’s go!  So let’s talk road trips!

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hiking with kids tips

Hiking with Kids


Dear glamper,


Ah, the joyful sounds of nature: wind rustling the leaves, birds singing, children whining.  Wait, no.


Like so many things, once you have children, hiking just isn’t the same anymore, if it happens at all.  We used to love packing up backpacks for day long outings and wandering a bit of trail for hours.  But usually, young kids are not always so into that, and neither are you after you’ve been running on two hours sleep and your muscles ache from picking them up and putting them down 20 times an hour.  And so we have left behind any preconceptions of the old vision of what it means “to hike” and have found joy in hiking with our kids with a few simple “kid hacks”.  Here’s a short list of things that have worked for us, most of the time.

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