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Bachelor Glamping: She took the kids and the dogs… Now it’s just me and the camper

“How on earth is this going to work?” I asked myself. We had just received the orders for our most recent military move, and it had presented us with one hell of a planning challenge. Military moves are always tough… de-conflicting all the checklists, appointments, and inspections is a little bit like solving a Rubik’s Cube in the dark.  Underwater.  While on fire.  Luckily, after half a dozen moves, Laura and I have a pretty good system.  This move, though… this move really gave us a run for our money. In short, we were going to have to be totally moved into one house before we could officially leave the old one, in different states, across the country.  Solution?  Glamping, of course!!

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Happy Thanksgiving, glampers!

This time of year I spend a lot of time wiping tears from my eyes.  The crisp smell of the air alone will cause me to cry.  The girls think I’m crazy, and TJ always laughs a little as he pulls out a hanky for me, but I can’t help it, its all too wonderful!  And there is just so much to be thankful for.  TJ and I are avid avoiders of the whole Black Friday nonsense and the immediate jump into Christmas as you clear the plates from the Thanksgiving table, so glamping with the best of friends for a long weekend outdoors was the perfect alternative.  Last year we started what we hope to be a semi-regular tradition: Glampsgiving.

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Things My Daughters Taught Me About Life (While Camping)

Hello again, Glampers!

Not to take our little blog down an existential path, but I’ve recently come to a conclusion while glamping: the more Laura and I take our girls exploring outdoors, the more I realize they’re teaching us as much as we’re teaching them. Somehow, kids seem to come pre-wired for an occasional bout of shockingly zen-like wisdom.  It’s like they’re little Buddhas, except in addition to the secrets to a centered, tranquil life, they can also recite an unnatural amount of My Little Pony trivia.  In just a few years of Glamping, these pint-sized philosophers have unwittingly bestowed upon me dozens of surprisingly astute observations.  Here are the top seven things my daughters have taught me while camping… hopefully they’ll be helpful on your journey to Glamping adventure!

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The Cold Front

Dear glampers,

We knew heading into this trip the weather would change.  It was our youngest’s birthday wish to spend her birthday camping in Honeysuckle Manor.  This trip would take place in the middle of the week and all reports predicted that the 80 degree weather we’d been enjoying into November would be pushed out with a front coming through that night–one that would leave the next morning’s high at just about freezing.  But who could resist one more chance to camp before the bustle of the holiday season was upon us?  I’ll never forget this trip, because it was the last we would have with Blue.

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Accidental Boondocking

Happy 2015, glampers!


We thought it might be silly to kick off the year with our tale of…. The Accidental Boondock (queue campy horror music).

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Camping and bugs, spiders, ants

When Good Glamping Goes Bad: Creepy Crawlers

Dear glampers,


It’s hard to believe summer is almost officially over.  Today we thought it would be fun to discuss one of those things that we all encounter somewhere along our glamping trips:  insects in camp. Yuck.

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Tips for traveling with kids

I Survived: A Parent’s Account of a Long Road Trip

Dear glampers,


I remember being absolutely terrified and adverse to drives over 30 minutes when our first child was born.  We were living in Tacoma, WA, and nothing could persuade us to travel to Portland, OR (an hour and a half away–and a city filled with books, flowers, and craft beer… our favorite things!).  But moving to southwest OK and becoming glampers has changed all of that.  What’s that? A two-hour drive to go fishing for an hour before we hit triple digit heat? Let’s go!  So let’s talk road trips!

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Being a Glamper

A Primer for the Glamping Lifestyle

Hi there, fellow Glampers!

TJ here. Laura made the big jump and wrote the first posts… I thought I’d chime in with a quick follow-up.

Should you be interested in getting started on the path to Glampiness… (er… Glamperness? We’re working on that adjective form.), here are a few tips we’ve found to be key. Behold! A bulletized list:

Rule #1) Be honest about what you enjoy:

Okay, let’s be real. Most of us (I’m especially lookin’ at you, fellas) want to be the rough-necked, lumberjack-bearded, outdoor survival-types that we see on TV and occasionally in hipster neighborhoods. If that’s really who you are, then awesome! But just because hiking 20 miles with a full pack and a whiny toddler sounds like the next generation of “tough mudder,” it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it. Know what really is a show-stopper for you. Challenge yourself, and get outside your comfort zone, but don’t torture yourself. Geeze. Also, know what makes everyone else miserable. For the record, apparently Laura’s not keen on all-hot-dog-meal-planning. Wierdo.

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