Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge

Greetings Glampers!

As we all hunker down and await the peak of winter, now is the perfect time to start daydreaming of Springtime Glamping!  Naturally, Laura and I initially think big.  Grand Canyon?  Yellowstone?  Badlands?  So many choices!  But for us, our go-to first camp of the season is our local favorite, the Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge.

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Divider Conquered!

Greetings fellow Glampers!

As we bluster into the autumn season, Laura and I have found the falling leaves and chilly weather inspiring.  As the prime summer camping season winds down, it’s prime-time for an Airstream Improvement Project!  Camping trailers are the perfect outlet for the consummate DIYers.  Hmmm… now where to begin?

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RAM 1500 tow vehicle

Tow Many Decisions…

Hello again, Glamperinos!

For those of you rockin’ the tow-behind Glamper lifestyle, I thought we’d discuss our recent quest to find a new tow vehicle.

When we first bought our Airstream, we started towing with my beloved ’04 Jeep Grand Cherokee (AKA “Ralphie”). He was sturdy, powerful, and manly. (I mean… it’s a Jeep. Right?!) He even had the battle scars to prove his indestructible nature… full-body hail damage inflicted by a merciless Oklahoma thunderstorm.

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Tow Vehicle Terms for Dummies (that would be us)

Hello again, Glampers!

For those of you who are considering the RV/Camper route, there are few things that one needs to know about towing.  First, ALWAYS chock the wheels.  (We may have learned this the hard way… thankfully we didn’t roll our new camper off a cliff—but it was close.)  Second, you’ll need the right tow vehicle, and you’re going to want to do some research so you can do it right… and safely.

Towing may be easier than it appears...

Towing may be easier than it appears…

Laura and I were admittedly newbies to the camper thing (and in many ways, we still are!).  In fact, we bought our Airstream without ever actually having camped in a RV.  Thus, we had to learn just about everything from scratch.  Navigating my way through the acronym-heavy world of Tow Vehicles made my head hurt.  And I’m a pilot, for god’s sake.  “Acronym” is practically my native language.

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Being a Glamper

A Primer for the Glamping Lifestyle

Hi there, fellow Glampers!

TJ here. Laura made the big jump and wrote the first posts… I thought I’d chime in with a quick follow-up.

Should you be interested in getting started on the path to Glampiness… (er… Glamperness? We’re working on that adjective form.), here are a few tips we’ve found to be key. Behold! A bulletized list:

Rule #1) Be honest about what you enjoy:

Okay, let’s be real. Most of us (I’m especially lookin’ at you, fellas) want to be the rough-necked, lumberjack-bearded, outdoor survival-types that we see on TV and occasionally in hipster neighborhoods. If that’s really who you are, then awesome! But just because hiking 20 miles with a full pack and a whiny toddler sounds like the next generation of “tough mudder,” it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it. Know what really is a show-stopper for you. Challenge yourself, and get outside your comfort zone, but don’t torture yourself. Geeze. Also, know what makes everyone else miserable. For the record, apparently Laura’s not keen on all-hot-dog-meal-planning. Wierdo.

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A Big Hello!

Dear fellow glamper,


Thank you for visiting our blog! We are very excited to develop this blog into a resource for all things camping and create a community of and for those who love family adventures.


Just who are we, anyway? Well, we are an active duty military family of four: TJ (a military pilot and history nerd), Laura (a homemaker with an environmental sciences past and a long lasting passion for soil ecology), and two crazy, beautiful girls ages 5 and 2. Occasionally you may see our four-leggers (two 50 pound rescue dogs who think they are people).  Although we are born mid-westerners, our careers have taken us all over the country/world (exotic locales such as Del Rio, TX and Pierre, SD).

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