Lake Superior Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota: Lake Superior

Dear glampers,


So first we went north, then we went *more* north.  After two months of 100 degree days at home, we couldn’t get close enough to the north pole.  However, we did settle for the north shore of Lake Superior.  It was totally rad.  Except the part where our beloved dog Blue tore her other ACL.  But it was still just as rad, AND we built up our triceps caring around that poor 50-pound dog.

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Pedernales Falls State Park TX

Texas: Pedernales Falls

It’s the height of summer in the southern plains and all you want to do is find some sort of water in which to wallow.  Just thinking about Pedernales Falls State Park makes it feel ten degrees cooler here.  And you have to see it!

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Taos New Mexico Landscape

New Mexico: Taos

Dear glamper,


As you’ve probably gleaned from this blog, I am a hippie.  This can get interesting when you are a military spouse and your husband is “the man” and you move from military town to military town.  But then you talk your husband into hiking with llamas near Taos and you refill your crunchy-hippie tank and it’s good.

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