Taos New Mexico Landscape

New Mexico: Taos

Dear glamper,


As you’ve probably gleaned from this blog, I am a hippie.  This can get interesting when you are a military spouse and your husband is “the man” and you move from military town to military town.  But then you talk your husband into hiking with llamas near Taos and you refill your crunchy-hippie tank and it’s good.

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Santa Fe

New Mexico: Santa Fe

Dear fellow glamper,


This year our family had to deal with the biggest challenge we’ve ever had: TJ deployed for six months.  Now we are not strangers to deployments, this was his fifth (our fourth since we’ve been married) but it was the first one we experienced as a family of four and the first one in which the kids understood their father was gone.  And it was a LONG six months… for everyone.  DSCF3893

Now every “reintegration” has its challenges, and every family knows what works best for them.  Something that always carries us through these deployments is planning a special trip once TJ comes home; and this year we picked New Mexico.  For us, family adventures are when we are at our best –as a family and as individuals.  While TJ was gone, we talked endlessly about this trip: what we would do, where we should stay, what improvements did we want to make to Honeysuckle Manor and our tow vehicle, and it was such a nice way to escape whatever was happening that day, thousands of miles apart, something could do together.  Neither TJ nor I had ever been to New Mexico before, and it just sounded like a place we would fall in love with, and we did.  Plus, endless quantities of green chile can kick months spent single parenting out of my head.

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A Big Hello!

Dear fellow glamper,


Thank you for visiting our blog! We are very excited to develop this blog into a resource for all things camping and create a community of and for those who love family adventures.


Just who are we, anyway? Well, we are an active duty military family of four: TJ (a military pilot and history nerd), Laura (a homemaker with an environmental sciences past and a long lasting passion for soil ecology), and two crazy, beautiful girls ages 5 and 2. Occasionally you may see our four-leggers (two 50 pound rescue dogs who think they are people).  Although we are born mid-westerners, our careers have taken us all over the country/world (exotic locales such as Del Rio, TX and Pierre, SD).

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